Meal planning, food prep & weight loss through the busy


Make 2020 your best year yet!

Begin your journey in The Hive with a 12-week step by step course that teaches you all the planning skills necessary to change your life. The Hive is a private women’s only membership community where I share the tools and strategies that helped me lose 100 pounds and I teach you how to create a healthy lifestyle you love.


Weekly Content

Spend the first 12 weeks getting step by step instruction of what action to take on your health journey. 

Practical Tools

Tools, workbooks, helpful tips and ideas that you can implement immediately. 


Like-minded women offering support with you every step of the way as you work on living a healthy lifestyle. 

Small Habits. Big Change.

Learning to navigate a healthy lifestyle happens over time not overnight. It's a cocktail of taking ownership, having a solid process to implement and making it personal. I'll be here to light the way as you navigate this change. 


What if you could lose weight in a non-restrictive way, while eating food you love and not counting calories?

Join a community of like-minded women that are in the trenches right alongside you learning how to navigate a healthy lifestyle through real life.

Healthy. Happy. Whole.

The formula was simple. I wanted a healthy relationship with food and exercise. I wanted to love myself from the inside out. I wanted to live with intention and be present. I also wanted the occasional slice of cake on my birthday. I wanted The Sweet Life. Now, I want to share with you EXACTLY what it took to get here.


Through the Busy

I already had a full plate. When I started, my weight loss journey in 2017, I had a 1 and 4 year old, a full time career and rheumatoid arthritis. Weight loss felt like just one more thing on an already full plate. I navigated weight loss "through the busy" without it taking over my whole life. I'm ready to show you how.


Lose weight like The Bee

What if you could lose weight in a non-restrictive way, eating food you love and not counting calories? What if you gained time back in your schedule to get things done you HAVE to do so you have more time to do things you WANT to do?



Tangible strategies that teach you how to meal plan and meal prep for your real life.


Tools on how to gain control over your choices and prepare yourself for weight loss. 


There is no one size fits all solution for weight loss, I will teach you how to evaluate your progress and make your journey personal. 




What if you started today and gave it all you've got? Let's make 2020 your best year yet! 


Your monthly membership includes:

  • 12 week step-by-step course to teach you my entire planning and prepping system. 
  • Weekly handouts to accompany each lesson.
  • 3 months of weekday meal prep plans
  • Daily, weekly, monthly planner printouts for meal prep, meal planning and assessment 
  • Online Facebook Membership community for support and accountability 
  • Monthly Q&A calls to help you learn to assess, stick with it and live your best life 
  • $29.95 recurring monthly payment with guaranteed price lock for life of program
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What they're saying...

"Brandee is caring, funny, kind, and motivational all at once. She has a way of encouraging without making you feel judged. Her common sense approach to weight loss and meal prep is something we can incorporate into our lives, no matter how busy we are! She shows us how to embrace our imperfection and lose it in a way we can live it. I highly recommend joining The Hive if you are ready to create your best life!"

Tanya Blankenship

"I had no idea starting with small habits would change my life! Learning how to choose habits and give myself some grace has been fundamental in starting this process. Starting with small habits has been an absolute game changer in creating momentum. Now I have the confidence that I can actually make changes!"

Sarah Scott

"This group has been so helpful to me. Not only has it opened my eyes to the bigger picture, one tiny step at a time, it has given me encouragement and support in my journey. Just having others who are all in pursuit of similar goals increases my accountability to myself. Brandee is amazing in her approach because she is just like each of us - in pursuit of a sustainable healthier lifestyle."

Amy Meador


LIMITED TIME OPENING: Once this timer reaches zero, registration closes for The Hive and The Sweet Life Course begins.









The Hive Community 

When you join, you will get immediate access to the following videos:

  • Welcome to The Hive! - Introduction video and road map of the membership portal. 
  • Start Here - So you know what to do to get the most out of your membership. 
  • Flight of the Bee - I share my story and how I determined my own "why" for wanting to lose weight. 
  • Defining YOUR Why - It's never about the number on the scale. You will be introduced to a powerful tool that helps you get to the heart of the real reason why you want to lose weight. 
  • Bee’s Philosophies - I share the critical strategies I used to lose the weight and change my life. 
  • Cooking with Catherine series - A fun series of videos in the kitchen with me doing real meal prep while I share tips and advice. 


  • Month 1 Meal Prep Recipes - Jumpstart your journey with some of my favorite meal prep plans. 
  • The Hive Handout - A printable workbook that you can use to follow along with the video series. 
  • Members only Facebook group to connect with and support other women on a similar transformation journey.
  • A mobile app so you can take the courses with you wherever you go.



The community will begin the 12-week step by step Sweet Life Course on January 2nd. 

  • Becoming a master planner: Learn everything about planning and how essential this tool is in meal planning, creating your schedule, building time for new habits, and setting achievable goals.

  • Meal prep essentials: I show you how meal prep can be the biggest game changer in your weight loss journey. I include all my best tips, tricks and hacks I’ve gathered over the years about meal preparation.

  • Building a recipe database: Losing weight is so much easier when you can prepare food you love. I teach you how to find recipes that keep you focused on achieving your weight goals.

  • How to collect your data: I provide the tools and tracking guides you need to collect your data. Taking five minutes a day to check in with yourself is key to defining your next step in the journey.

  • Assessment & recalibration: If you want to achieve a goal you need to know you are on the right track or if you need to correct your course. Implementing these tools made all the difference in my 100 pound weight loss.


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